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Today, roughly one in five Canadians identify as having a disability, and that number is growing as our population ages. We’re working on breaking down one of the most fundamental barriers that people with disabilities still face: physical barriers in the places where we live, work, learn and play.

We create and deliver innovative solutions to lead to a global movement to remove barriers and liberate the potential of people with disabilities. We are working to create an inclusive world where people with disabilities are living to their full potential.


We believe that by encouraging youth to take action on issues that matter to them, they can become leaders in creating an accessible, inclusive world. The Rick Hansen Foundation School Program offers free educational resources for youth in kindergarten to grade twelve, developed by educators for educators. This program is made possible by our Co-Presenting Partners, Boston Pizza Foundation Future Prospects and Scotiabank, as well as by the generous support of our donors and partners. Our ready-made lesson plans, in both English and French, incorporate Universal Design principles and are connected to provincial curriculums and educational priorities across Canada.

The Rick Hansen School Program

The Rick Hansen Foundation Ambassador Program helps create meaningful dialogue about disability, accessibility and inclusion by providing free presentations from a diverse group of people with mobility, vision and hearing disabilities to schools and communities all across Canada.

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