Abilities that Work creates a marketplace of information, ideas, and opportunities for people with abilities who are not fully able.

People with abilities that work can contribute their story, – who they are, what they do, the interests they are pursuing, the contributions they are making, and the opportunities they are creating.

Enterprises contributing to the common interests of people with abilities that work can tell their story, what they know, what they do, how they contribute, and what they are doing to create connections with and opportunities for people with abilities.

Abilities that Work contributes to creating understanding and appreciation for people who are not fully able and to creating opportunities for people with abilities to contribute to the interests of the communities we are part of and benefit from.

“As I listen to the stories of others I feel the pain and hardship of those who I don’t know, and it allows me to stop and think of what I can give. It has given me a better understanding of issues that I would not normally think about on a daily basis. I want to be a voice for those who can not speak out for themselves. I believe that it is very important to hear the stories of other people’s lives, and other people’s experiences, and take the time in our daily life to remember, and maybe give something of ourselves to them. We need to hear them and learn from them, especially stories about the issues of homelessness and indifference in our city, in our province, and in our country.

We have been given so much in our lives, more than we can use, yet there are people who are starving, dying, and in need of our help. We have to remember these are people like everyone else. The only difference is their circumstances.

We are creating a cooperative enterprise for people with abilities that work. I provide transcription, editing, and research services. Our interest is to create opportunities for everyone with abilities to contribute to the social, cultural, and economic development of the communities who contribute to improving the quality of our lives.”

Shaheeda Shariff